WORKSHOPS Psarokokalo
17:00 IRENE ANDIOPOULOU / Film Literacy
Media Researcher / Analyst, EU Media Literacy Expert / Associate in Psaroloco Project
Film literacy workshop according to the standards of BFI on a short film of Abbas Kiarostami, the Iranian director of neo-realism, who approached childhood through an intense autobiographical and cultural look in his country, the workshop is addressed primarily to teachers of primary education and any other person is interested and wishes a different "reading" of a film.

Irene Andriopoulou is a communications and media researcher. She has worked for many years in the Audiovisual Institute, a national research organization for audiovisual communication, as head of the Audiovisual Department of Education. Her research interest concerns the audiovisual and film education, with a focus on teaching and practical methods of implementation, in the school and outside the school environment. She is the national representative on Media Literacy Expert Group, the European Commission Expert Group, and has worked with UNESCO in related projects. Now she is working at the General Secretariat of Information Communication in the mass media Directorate, Department of Audiovisual and Archives.

19:00 ΑNTONIS KOTZIAS / VFX & 3D Animation in feature films
Yafka Studio creates world-class visual effects
VFX Supervisor http://theyafka.com

Antonis Kotzias finished first at the University of London study on Applied Computer Science, ie Mathematics and Graphics using computer, he went to Scotland to study in Glasgow School of Arts in Graphics 2D & 3D MotionVirtual Prototyping and after a year in New Orleans in Siggraph, the well-known for the professionals, conference room, where he attended seminars in digital applications. According to his biography, he worked in the famous Pinewood Studios in London. He was Head of Production Department in 3D graphics. He worked on the animation «Happy Feet» and was a consultant to films like "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban". In the last five years his professional course involves around feature films such as «Evil in the time of heroes», «Charisma», «Man at sea» and "Young England" "Little Fish», «Sky above us» or short as the «Evergreen», films for planetariums such as «Ancient skies» and «Lambs of Atlantis» for Evans & Sutherland and «Earth is our home» for the Foundation of the Hellenic World, documentaries such as «Ancient discoveries», «Death Masks »and« Egyptian Erotica »for the History Channel,« Fightbook »for the National Geographic Channel,« 1821 »for Skai Chanel,« Prince of Wales »for S4CI and« Alien Investigations »for Channel 4, promotional films and movies thematic parks like the «Medical Theme Ride» for China Park.

20:00 SΤΕFANOS EFTHIMIOU / Soundscape creation projects in the cinema.

Stefanos Efthymiou, who was born in Athens in 1971, graduated from the School of Film and Television where he studied Sound Engineering in Papantonopoulou School of Cinema and Television. He then worked as a Sound Engineer in TV and Cinema. He is member of the Greek Technical Film and Television and the Greek Film Academy. His work in film includes awarded films: "The House of Cain" by Christos Karakepelis, "Black Milk" by N.Triantafyllidi, "No budget story" by R.Charalampidi, "A song is not enough" R. Hronopoulou , "Hardcore" by N.Iliadi, "Easy Lia" by V.Seitanidi, "Kinetta" by G.Lanthimos, "five minutes’’ by G.Xanthopoulou, "Straight story” by V. Kyriakides," Correction " by Th. Anestopoulos, "Bank Bang" A. Papadimitropoulos, "Kiss of Life" by N.Zapatina, "Qadir- An Afghan Ulysses" by A. Papathanasiou, "Soul Deep" by P. Voulgaris (Best Sound of the Greek Film Academy), "Island 1 " X. Dimas," Hannibal at the gates "by E. Chronopoulou," Red Sky " by L. Giourgou," L " by M. Makridis," Island 2 " by A. Angelopoulos," The Tree and Crib " by M. Ntouza," My Enemy "by G.Tsemperopoulou," Little England "of P. Voulgaris (Best Sound of the Greek Film Academy), ‘’Ursa Minor’’ by E.Chronopoulou.
02/02/10 20.00

Born in 1973 in Reading, UK. After making a series of short films in the early nineties, he founded The Sonic Catering Band in 1996, focusing on electroacoustic treatments of culinary performances. He also released sound poetry and entomological recordings on his Peripheral Conserve label, which ran up until 2004. All these sound experiments went towards his first feature, 'Katalin Varga', which won a Silver Bear at the 59th Berlinale for Sound Design.
03/02/10 19.00

Rob Chiu will be showcasing some of his title work which crosses a wide variety of media, from tv program titles to design conference titles to feature film titles. Rob will be talking about the process behind this  while also showing his more recent work which is now pushing into full narrative film.

London based Chiu has worked under the alias of The Ronin for 9 years as a Director of Live Action and Animation, working for clients such as Leica Cameras, BBC, Greenpeace, EMI Records, Nokia, The Mill and Channel 4. His short narrative based films have been featured in a number of film festivals including Edinburgh, OneDotZero and Resfest while gaining awards along the way. He has given talks on his work at various design conferences such as Adobe Max, OFFF Barcelona, OFFF New York, OFFF Lisbon, Flash on the beach, FMX, Toca Me and FITC Toronto and is regularly invited to run workshops at Universities and institutions around the world.
Worldwide Commercial Representation Stink
North America & Canada Commercial Representation Curious Pictures
04/02/10 19.00

Medea 70
Michalis Papanikolaou, director of the awarded short film Medea 70, talks about the way sound design was realized and also about the use of music in the film, 40 years after its first preview.
05/02/10 19.00

Sound Changes the Image
To an extent we all take the combination of moving pictures and sound for granted in our daily lives – particularly as they seem to be ever more ubiquitous and invasive. Getting it right can lead to perhaps the most powerful form of communication and connection with audiences; getting it wrong can create ‘interference’ and disconnection. Larry Sider provides an insight into how, in all areas of art, entertainment and business, we can most effectively communicate with sound.

Larry Sider is Director of the School of Sound and was previously Head of Editing, Sound and Music at the National Film and Television School. He is a film editor and sound designer who has worked for thirty years in documentary, animation and fiction. Most recently, he created soundtracks for the Quay Brothers’, The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes, and Dave McKean’s, Mirrormask. Past projects include Patrick Keiller’s London and Robinson in Space, and Street of Crocodiles and Institute Benjamenta by the Quays. From 2000-2003, he consulted on LISTEN, an EU-funded research project led by IRCAM, the University of Vienna and AKG Electronics, devising new software to create audio-augmented environments in gallery and museum spaces. He has lectured at numerous schools including the Royal College of Art, IFS (Köln), European Film College (Ebeltoft), California Institute of the Arts, Surrey Institute of Art and Design, Maurits Binger Institute and Bournemouth Media School. He is co-editor of The Soundtrack Journal.

Sider has elevated the profile of sound in screen production through the biennial symposium, the School of Sound, an international four-day event exploring the use of sound in film, multimedia and digital art. At the core of the SOS is the integration of theory with practice, and art with entertainment. Speakers at the SOS have included Oscar-winning sound designers Walter Murch and Randy Thom, composers Gabriel Yared, Carter Burwell, Simon Fisher Turner and Heiner Goebbels, and directors Ken Loach and Mike Figgis. From these meetings came the book, Soundscape: The School of Sound Lectures 1998-2001. The next SOS will be held in Ghent, Belgium in April 2011.
06/02/10 19.00

Open discussion regarding the sound and music of the movie "3 moments", between its director (Petros Sevastikoglou) and its sound contributors (Sound design: Kenan Akawi, Music: the Prefa-bricated Quartet, Mix: Kostas Varybobiotis)
07/02/10 19.00

A Brief History of Movie Title Sequences

What do the films ‘Dr. Strangelove’, ‘Iron Man’, ‘The Pink Panther’ and ‘Run Lola Run’ all have in common? All are very decent movies, yes, and all feature memorable opening title sequences that somehow capture the essence of the films they open or close.

From the early days of cinema, filmmakers have understood the extraordinary benefits of the opening credit sequence. It can be used to draw the audience in, to put them on their guard, to charm, mislead or amuse them.

Movies today are becoming more market-conscious and committee-led than ever, with your average blockbuster pandering to every demographic and regularly pleasing none. But one area of film that has maintained and steadily developed a level of artistic integrity and audience appreciation is that of the opening title sequence.

Looking back over the last century, Adam Lee Davies selects some of the most evocative opening sequences in all of cinema and charts the evolution of the artistry and technology that make up what has become an integral component of the modern moviegoing experience.

Adam Lee Davies is a London based film journalist and critic whose work has appeared in Creative Review, The Guardian, Time Out London and Monocle amongst others.

08/02/11 21.00



09/02/11 18.00




13/02/11 18.00





PSAROLOCO Media Literacy
It is a fact that we are living in a world where the quality of information is being redetermined from the new means of communication which are now offered in united platforms through the digital convergence. Our choices and the following actions of our organization, the ability of self specification, personal growth as well as our cultural identity are determined by the massive presence of the means of communication.

As a result, it is of high importance the challenge to cultivate the skills of evaluating, analyzing and filtering the information in order to be capable to wield the right to information and free expression. In this point the need of civilians with a good education regarding the means of communication is entered, with skills of access, creative use and critical analysis of the content of the means of communication.

The PSAROLOCO project is aspired to cover this need, promoting the movement of education of the civilians and embodying the teachers as the predominant union of this new formation of media literacy.

Saturday 23/08, Serifos, Kato Chora (Evangelistria square) we will host the internationally renown cinema workshop for film of BFI in the film of Abbas Kiarostami, the Iranian director of new-realism who approached the children age through an intense self portrait and cultural point of view in his country.

Special guest Eirini Andrianopoulou, researcher EU Media Literacy Expert/TV Content Designer/Analyst.
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