Psarokokalo has prepared throughout the years its own label of authentic, traditional herbs, collected by hand during our past editions across Greece, cultivated by our top botanists. So we have carefullypicked these unique herbs from Serifos and Crete in some of our perks, adding a particular aroma, taste and enchantment to our gifts back to you! You can explore all this in Cinema Psarokokalo in Serifos Island, Kato Chora, Evangelistria square.
01/02/10 18:00 - 23:00

Greek Film Archive - Museum of Cinematography

Cinema Experiments of the Russian Avant Garde
(in collaboration with the State Museum of Contemporary Art & the Museum of Cinematography)

Greek Film Archive - Museum of Cinematography        
(48, Iera Odos Str. & 134-136 Megalou Alexandrou Str.
GR-104 35 Athens, GREECE)

+30 210 3609695
+30 210 3612046

07/02/11 18:00 - 23:00

Greek Film Archive - Museum of Cinematography

Exhibition Brune/Blonde
(in collaboration with Cinematheque Francaise)

16/07/14 18:00 - 23:00

Anytime.. Anywhere
Serifos Island_ Kato Chora
My drawings are playful. Some are amorous.
There is cunning! They are mischievous. Yes there is love. And as Elias Petropoulos said “Love is a rubbery passion. Love is liquid and liquids cannot compress” Indeed the liquids cannot be compressed, nor can the ideas, you can let them go to flow like rivers.”

Frixos Polenakis
Athens International Short Film Festival © 2018